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Debit Cards

Debit Cards are a great way to pay for everyday purchases without carrying cash or checks. You can also use it to pay monthly bills more efficiently.

A BTCU Debit Card comes with a checking account. To open a checking account with a debit card, simply complete the Additional Products & Services form and return it to us.

You can get extra value with these programs too:
  • Enroll your Debit Card in Prewards - Cash back where you shop the most!
  • Save effortlessly with Pocket the Change - Purchases are rounded up to the nearest dollar and the difference is deposited from your checking to your savings account.

Make sure to activate your Debit Card when you receive it. Simply call the number listed on the sticker on your new card. This number is 1-866-619-0245. You must call from the primary phone number on your account. If your phone number is not current, please call us at 763-315-3888 to update it.

To change your PIN if you know it call: 1.877.267.6914

To change your PIN when you do not know it call: 763.315.3888.

To report your Debit Card lost or stolen call: 1.800.528.2273

Credit Cards

Customer Service: 1.800.442.4757

Lost or Stolen Card: 1.800.442.4757

PIN Questions: 1.800.788.9491

Credit Card Rewards: 1.866.678.5189 or Enroll in Rewards! now.
Make your credit card payment online. Enroll your card here.